You bring your audio, we make the magic happen

It's an all you can eat radio buffet for your audience!

Recorded from your stream

You only need a webstream for us to record your shows. Don't have one yet? We got you covered!

Fixed pricing

You do not need to worry about disk space or bandwidth going over budget, it's all taken care of so you can budget easily.

No more infrastructure

You don't need to maintain extra equipment or servers, we're the ones working with the complicated stuff.

RSS Generation

Your shows RSS are generated automatically and are ready to submit to any podcasts directory.

For an entire year

Our starting package covers your for an entire year of shows. More can be accomodated!

Linked with logging

Using Útvarp's own logging services? We'll use that data to create more meaningfull RSS.

Want a bite? You're in the right place!


Let's be friends

Let's be friends

Want to jump right in? Want to see our logging tool in action? Let's have a chat!